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About Us

What is Insight68?

Digital transformation is a combination of traditional manufacturing processes, enhanced with new advancing technologies, working together to drive manufacturing forward and address inefficiencies.​

We embed the use of advanced analytics to help manage key aspects of manufacturing such as inventory, consignments, production scheduling, order management, and operations.

Our innovative platform is designed to solve the challenges for Cell and Gene Therapy manufacturers.


We provide solutions for...

  • Study Management

  • Patient Safety

  • Supply Chain Logistics

  • Made-to-Order Scheduling

  • Advance Planning

  • Inventory Control

  • Quality

Significantly Reduce Operation Costs

Reduced waste and material shortages

Predict stock levels

Insight68 Product Benefits

Cloud Services

Configurable user workflows

Easily deploy solutions in a few weeks

On Schedule

Real-time scheduling

Intelligent supply chain and transportation management

Simplify Operations

Made to order personal therapies

Seamlessly integrated with clinical trials

Reduce Risk

Patient safety and privacy

Verify and ensure on time delivery of doses

Scale Confidently with Business Analytics

Actionable insights to optimize operations

Predict resource requirements

Store and analyze large volumes of data

Our Story

We will lead the 4th Industrial Revolution by simplifying Digital Transformation for manufacturers utilizing advanced technologies and enabling manufacturers (small and large) to cost-effectively produce the best quality products personalized for every customer.

Our team has over 25 years of experience delivering innovative regulatory compliant software products for manufacturers.

Our products are designed for both process and discrete industries such as Cell and Gene Therapy, Auto Tier Suppliers, and Made-to-Order manufacturers.

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