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Digital Transformation

AI-Driven Platform

Insight68 is an AI-Driven platform and set of applications driving digital transformation for manufacturers in Process and Discrete industries. AI-Driven capabilities are embedded in the platform and applications to predict and optimize inventory, manufacturing, and logistics. The platform is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, and HIPAA. All products, modules, and applications are 100% configurable.

Personalized Therapy

Pre-configured industry specific solution to define and manage all phases of clinical trials

Easily configure and manage clinical sites

Enroll subjects and order drug products

Real-time scheduling against manufacturing slots

Logistics and infusion

Advanced analytics on captured data

Deploy 1 or more modules easily and quickly across your functional areas

Integrates easily with 3PL, CMO, and CRO

Prescribe Optimal Min and Max Inventory Levels for Parts

Complex and difficult to manage today by planners

Prescribe inventory levels per part based on orders, throughput, yield, and demand

Prevent material shortages in manufacturing

Minimize cost on inventory

Expiring Inventory Controls

Impacts cost for waste and material flow shortages

Prescribing factory expiration dates, override manufacturer's date

Ensure picking and usage of expiring material

Scalable Cloud

Scalable Cloud platform that delivers a fully configurable suite of applications that can be deployed independently or in collaboration.

Manage Functional Areas

Manage all aspects of your factory or specific functional areas. The offering is designed to integrate into your current software environment.

Real Time Scheduling, Prediction, and Planning of Orders

Real time advanced planning and scheduling with finite capacity constraints: capacity, resource availability, orders, ship date, and transportation logistics

Impacts customer delivery time and manufacturing productivity

Scheduling and collaboration across the supply chain

Forecast upstream inventory demand based on first or subsequent order

Prevention of Product Anomalies and Deviations

Impacts yield, throughput, on-time order fulfillment

Minimize requirement for operation SMEs

Identify and prescribe actions on process and WIP anomalies

Prescribe downstream supplier actions

JIS Scheduling for Inventory, Manufacturing, and Shipping

Manage and optimize the movement of parts and materials in sequence for consumption by manufacturing and throughout the supply chain. Produce directly based on personalized orders. JIT and JIS strategies are enhanced with Insight68 AI-Driven capabilities.

'As Built', eBHR, and eDHR

Provide complete traceability for products, customer requirements, and regulatory compliance. Digitize the product build records to eliminate paper, improve efficiency, and reduce deviations effectively to digitize the manufacturing process.

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