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Maximize your business success with an AI-Driven cloud platform that has completely configurable workflows and fully integrated applications that are purpose built for life science companies. The platform is self-service and has industry specific capabilities for personalized medicine.


Insight68's cloud infrastructure provides big data technology to support analysis and actionable insights. Our embedded intelligent and configurable workflows will help drive predictions and actions to better improve your business processes. Edge software with ML, data collection, and automation integration will help deliver strong business benefits, including faster insights, improved response times, and better capacity availability.

Secure, Reliable, and Scalable

Insight68's secure, reliable, and scalable platform ensures data security and integrity that is regulatory compliant for FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GDPR, and HIPAA with full product traceability, EBR, and audit trails. We provide modular, micro-services for scalability that will fit easily into existing processes without having to replace existing systems. NLP technology is leveraged for data analysis without having to use SQL. Our native and intuitive Android app with offline sync mode will allow for greater flexibility.

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