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Our scalable cloud platform delivers a fully configurable suite of applications, which can be deployed independently or in collaboration.​ Manage all aspects of your factory or specific functional areas. The offering is designed to integrate into your current software environment.

Clinical Trials Management (CTM)

Management of all clinical trial phases with advanced analytics. Significantly improves the success of clinical trials through commercialization. Ensure patient safety and security.

Production Scheduler

Plan and schedule production for manufacturing based on constraints such as inventory, labor, equipment, and demand. JIS scheduling for inventory, manufacturing, and shipping.


Manage labs, data, and processes with configurable workflows. Samples, accessioning, kits, and testing are easily configured for efficient operation. Complete traceability and data collection for downstream analytics.

Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

ELN product offers ability to record and manage scientific data, experiments, observations, and research-related information. Manage inventory, equipment storage, samples, compliance and team collaboration.

Analytics Intelligence (AI)

Access data in the factory instantly, eliminate data silos, and gain actionable insights. NLP driven dashboard for self-service analysis.


Supply chain and transportation logistics to ensure patient safety. Complete chain of custody and chain of identity records. Mobile application to facilitate ease of system access across the supply chain.

No Code Platform

Our powerful no code platform with capabilities to build forms and applications with no programing. Define and configure scalable, complex, enterprise-grade applications with simplified lifecycle maintenance costs.

Inventory Management (IM)

Inventory management of materials, AI-driven replenishment of materials, pick and put plans, storage location management with temperature control and shelf life.


Manage, monitor, and synchronize the execution of real-time physical processes and finished products. Electronic Batch Records, exception-based reporting, operator workflows, and data collection are all easily configured and deployed.

Equipment Log

Our equipment log module is a simple to configure equipment logging application. Track maintenance activities, organize and monitor system processes, manage deviations, and record equipment data for downstream analysis.

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