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Analytics Intelligence (AI)

Insight68 delivers embedded AI to predict and provide actionable insights. Real-time visibility and transparency in self-discovery of key issues, trends, and opportunities to make smarter business decisions.

A decision making platform to manage all of your analytics and business intelligence needs

Quickly stream data from disparate data sources, filter, contextualize and annotate to provide insights

Product Features

∙ Seamlessly, easily, and quickly deployed into factories for immediate returns

∙ Out of the box dashboards to accelerate value

∙ Easily create and share dashboards

∙ Natural Language Processing for dynamically creating dashboards

∙ Connect, extract, fuse and store data from hundreds of data sources

∙ Prepare, cleanse, contextualize and annotate data across multiple data sources

∙ No code transforms that generate SQL automatically

∙ Author custom SQL to extract complex database data

∙ Filter data, summary stats, and calculations on incoming data streams

∙ No need for ETL and Data architects as intelligence is automatically built-in

∙ Share insights across the organization providing metrics for specific users

∙ Explore data interactively and build transformative visualizations

∙ Visualize information in real-time, clearly and efficiently

∙ Drill through and down on specific KPIs and dashboard elements

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