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Clinical Trials Management (CTM)

Insight68 provides an innovative and comprehensive capability to meet all the specialized requirements for Personal Therapy providers.

Directly schedule slots for drug manufacturing and delivery in real-time. Ensure accurate drug production to plan.

Ensure patient safety, full chain of custody records, and workflows to ensure patient drug verification and quality.

Insight68's Clinical Trials Management System will help to plan, manage, track, and execute clinical trials through all phases with advanced analytics. Its comprehensive features manage the study from startup, enrollment, treatment, and monitoring while being regulatory compliant every step of the way.

Product Features

∙ Patient management including screening and enrollment

∙ Autologous, allogeneic configurations

∙ Manage and monitor studies, enrollment limits, site consignments

∙ Patient Safety: Critical subject information captured and linked for COI and COC

∙ Integration to EDC or other systems

Scheduling of orders in real-time
∙ Real time visibility of available manufacturing slots
∙ Notifications for acceptance of collections, shipments, and treatment dosing
∙ Resupply and new sample collection
∙ Logistics management for cell collection and drug delivery

Cell Collection
∙ Subject verification, collection data capture, packaging, and shipping databases

∙ Schedule and progress updates
∙ Final product coordination with sites and logistics

Treatment Dosing
∙ Proof of delivery, verification, and data captured
∙ Proof of dosing completion

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