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Inventory Management (IM)

Insight68's Inventory Management provides real-time stock visibility and storage management to ensure your supply chain is optimized for success.

Product Features

∙ AI driven storage handling, reorder points, and replenishment levels

∙ Real-time inventory tracking

∙ Tracking, routing, and approval of stock movements

∙ Intelligent Put and Pick plans for materials and parts

∙ Kitting and Kanban management

∙ Manage material shelf life and expirations

∙ Notifications on receipt of parts, expirations, requests, movements, and shipping

∙ Barcode labeling management and tracking

∙ Manage storage locations, zones, aisles, racks, shelves, and positions

∙ Storage temperature control management and enforcement

∙ Mobile Apps

∙ Fully configurable and flexible

∙ Standard lot, batch and serial number based management of stock

∙ Integration into ERP for purchase orders, work orders, and sales orders

∙ Improved inventory control and forecasting

∙ Actionable insights on data analysis

∙ Dashboards and KPIs on inventory metrics

∙ 1D and 2D barcode support

∙ Label printing management

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