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Overcome manufacturing challenges with an agile, simple, configurable, and cost-effective solution.

Product Features

∙ Electronic batch records, reporting by exception, COC, COI

∙ Scheduling of patient orders directly with production in real-time

∙ Optimizes utilization for production scheduling

∙ JIT and JIS materials management

∙ Predict and manage production and resource plans

∙ Intelligent management of inventory levels and kit assemblies

∙ Cell collection, sample, patient verification, incoming verification of material, time critical expiry

∙ Process and Discrete manufacturing models

∙ Product definition and change control (materials, parts, BOMs)

∙ Intelligent AI-Driven execution and routing of workflows for operations

∙ Cell and line based manufacturing

∙ WIP management, tracking, and visibility, expirations, and shelf life

∙ Order scheduling simulation

∙ Data capturing and labeling management

∙ Integration with clinical trials applications, IRT apps

∙ Configure constraints for production availability; equipment, resources, workdays

∙ Enforced workflows and data validation

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