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Production Scheduler

Insight68's Production Scheduler allows for advanced planning and scheduling of production while providing manufacturing with flexibility and visibility to optimize in real-time based on constraints, materials, production capacity, demand, and forecast.

Product Features

∙ Personalized orders scheduled real-time for one or more treatment doses

∙ Constraint management of labor, workstations, process cells, production lines, and equipment

∙ Manufacturing calendars: holidays, working days, and shifts

∙ 3PL management: clinics ➡️ subjects ➡️ manufacturer ➡️ treatment dosing

∙ JIT and JIS management for inventory, manufacturing, and shipping

∙ Real-time scheduling of Autologous and Allogeneic cell therapies

∙ Optimize production schedules while minimizing downtime and errors

∙ Weekly planners, optimization, and assignment of workstations and operators

∙ Visual production planner, schedules, and GANTT charts for managing production, identifying best start times, best equipment use, and worker availability

∙ Table, Gantt and Calendar views of all production schedules

∙ Materials management to ensure available stock levels

∙ Manage expiry times for cell collection and doses

∙ Define process steps and dependencies for manufacturing different final products

∙ Full COI and COC compliance

∙ Schedule multiple doses for a single order

∙ Manage workstation and resource assignments

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