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No Code Platform

Develop applications to digitize your factory without programming.

Product Features

∙ No code application configuration platform

∙ Validated on every update and release

∙ Multi-user access

∙ Auto data binding to database

∙ Interaction rules to control system behavior

∙ Analytics, dashboards, and reports

∙ Responsive UI design that auto-fits multiple device forms, such as laptops and tablets

∙ Integration to 3rd party applications, such as LDAP, ERP, Inventory, MES, LIMS, and QMS

∙ Rapid deployment

∙ Low cost of ownership

Regulatory Compliant
∙ 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
∙ Electronic signatures and records with performer and verifier
∙ Complete audit trails
∙ Complete IQOQPQ protocol validation packages available
∙ Data Integrity and security
∙ Audit trails and history

∙ Version management
∙ Approval process - signatures, performer, and verifier
∙ Signature management
∙ Enforcement of user required fields
∙ Configure forms rapidly and easily make changes
∙ Drag and drop controls to easily configure applications and forms
∙ Process execution client import and export of configurations
∙ Printing of forms
∙ Attach work instructions and images

∙ Designed for Personalized Medicine customers
∙ Minimize operator errors
∙ Enforcement on process and data entry
∙ All data collected stored in database tables
∙ Downstream analysis of data
∙ Review by exception
∙ Integration to 3rd party applications
∙ CFR 21 Part 11 compliant
∙ Rapidly and easily configured and deployed
∙ Secure and role based
∙ Lower cost of ownership

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